Interactive Monitoring Map 

WBEA Human Exposure Monitoring

Since 2009, WBEA's the Human Exposure Monitoring Program (HEMP) has focused on monitoring, detecting and chemically characterizing regional odours. The shift in program focus was a direct response to stakeholder and public concerns in the RMWB.

HEMP has deployed specialized analyzers to detect and identify odour causing compounds in regional air. In the 2015/ 2016 monitoring year, an automated cartridge sampling system was installed in designated air monitoring stations. From 2013-2016 HEMP coordinated a second project which permitted volunteer participants  to recognize, monitor and track odours. This project, the Community Odour Monitoring Project (COMP), was designed to gather data on the human perception of odours. The project took place in the communities of Fort McMurray and Anzac. Community Odour Monitoring Reports are available for download: LINK

HEMP Committee Members, representing WBEA’s multi-stakeholder membership, identify, apply and communicate program methods and data. Multi-stakeholder meetings are held to identify issues and concerns, and to knowledge gaps related to odours in the Wood Buffalo region.

For more information, please contact WBEA directly at 780-799-4420.